Self-appointed expert

I am not the best trainer in the world. There, i said it. Sure i know more than the average Joe about exercise physiology, nutrition and the application of training principles but i don't for a second think i am the best. I simply can't be. There is simply too much out there to master.

There are many people who do seem to think that they are the best and that the sun shines out of their backsides. And by think i mean either they actually do think they are hot stuff or they know they aren't but would trick less educated gym bods that they are. I'm not sure which is worse. These are the gurus. The Fitness shaman and pin-ups of the fitness magazines. The celebrities who release a new year fitness DVD explaining how they lost 20lbs with their new routine only to be seen 3 months later looking even worse than they did before.

This blog is my platform to attack such people. The self-appointed experts.

The fitness industry is a huge and growing industry that sweeps people along on a wave of self-improvement. The tidal forces are based on a body of very simple but expanding scientific facts about physiology. These facts are often so grotesquely mutated that the deliverer of this information is increasingly a poorly educated, experience only-based, performance enhancing drug taking, egocentric hypocrite that either wittingly or un-wittingly  propagates exercise myths, erroneous information and plain b******t for their own personal gain.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But people aren't entitled to their own facts.

Hopefully, if i write anything in this blog that is factually incorrect, misleading or plain wrong someone will be kind enough to point it out for the betterment of us all.

Although the below chart is particularly relevant to the fitness "expert" it is also true for many other kind of "expert" particularly the celebrity "expert."