The Top Fitness Trend Of 2015 Is...YOU!

There always seems to be a new weird and wonderful fitness fad or trend taking over the world every year, but for the year of 2015, it looks like we have gone back to basics. Body weight training has been ranked as the number one worldwide fitness trend this year and the only thing you will need to take part is yourself and a couple of pieces of equipment!

Body weight training has been around for centuries as a form of resistance training but did not appear on the trends survey until 2013 as it only became popular in gyms around the world over the last couple of years.  

Even though body weight training uses minimum equipment, the effects on the body can provide maximum results such as weight loss, gains in strength, flexibility and overall health and fitness.


Here are the benefits of Body weight training and why you should include it in your workouts:


1.       Minimal Equipment


If you only have yourself then this is all you need for a good workout, allowing you to exercise any time, any place! You can also include a TRX to your body weight workouts as is a versatile piece of equipment you can use to add pulling exercises to your workout along with countless other great upper body and lower body push exercises!


2.       Efficiency

No equipment means quicker transition times between exercises and research suggests that high-output, body weight-based exercises like plyometrics can yield amazing results in short durations.


3.       Fat-burning

A short spout of body weight circuit training can impact the bodys' metabolism in major ways and will keep burning for hours after you finish your workout leading to greater fat loss than some other methods of training.


4.       Suitable for any fitness level

Body weight exercises are great for any level of fitness as they can be modified to suit the fitness level of the individual. The fitter you become, the more challenging you can make the exercises so there’s always progress to be made.


5.       Strength and Cardio Combo

Alternating between strength movements and cardio will vary the intensity and keep your heart rate elevated throughout the workout which helps to blast the fat and increase your strength and overall fitness level.


6.       Better Balance


Single leg body weight exercises such as alternating lunges can be very tricky if you balance isn’t on point, however, the more you practice, the better your balance will be. The muscles of the core play a major role in balance exercises and by having a tight core throughout the exercise, you will be able to perform these movements with more ease, adopt a better posture and possibly even relieve lower back pain.


7.       It’s fun!

There are countless variations of bodyweight exercises that you can perform so you can mix it up and create fun workouts day after day without getting bored.


8.       Al fresco?


We like to dine outside when the weather is nice so why not take your workouts al fresco too. With minimum equipment needed, you can train on the beach, in the local park or outdoor pool which is a refreshing change from being inside.


9.       Grab some friends for extra fun

Again, as there is minimal equipment needed, why not grab a few friends and make it a fun and challenging group workout. Working out in a group motivates and pushes you to go above and beyond what you thought you could do and there always laughs to be had which will release even more of your feel good endorphins and improve your mood.


10.   Results!


With the cardio and strength elements of body weight training, you will start to see results much faster than walking on a treadmill at the same pace for 30 minutes for example. The varying levels of intensity will shock your body and it will work harder to keep up with the demands placed upon it. Your core will become tighter and provide you with better balance and posture and you will help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis with the strength training exercises such as squats, lunges and push-ups which will enable you to live a more comfortable life.