Why your detox is dangerous

Detox is diet in disguise

We have already written at length and provided links to other articles and evidence as to why it is accepted 100% by the scientific community (including doctors, yes the same doctors you see when you have a real illness) that the human body cannot detoxify itself using cleanse drinks, fruit smoothies, teas or any other magical drink. We have a liver, kidneys etc that is perfectly capable of detoxifying the body by itself.

Let’s accept that and look at the many ways in which detox products, in the long-run may actually be detrimental to optimal health.

Detox is the new fad diet

Detox programs can be added to the long list of “fad” diets that people have been subjecting themselves to for years.

Due to the increasing amount of pressure from health professionals and government bodies, the diet industry, still capitalizing on peoples gullibility and need for a “quick fix” has cleverly re-positioned it’s stance. There has been a move away from the XY diet to the XY detox instead. But the facts remain the same. These products and the advice that comes with them remain costly and potentially dangerous.

Danger 1 – Psychological damage

Why do most people detox? Is it because they feel awash with “bad chemicals” or is it because they consume garbage 95% of the time and are overweight, out of shape disillusioned? It’s actually very simple. A detox will not improve your situation.

Fad diets have been proven time and time again to be ineffective for the simple reason that they do not offer long-term solutions to your unhealthy attitude towards food. They also can cause you to regress once the “detox” has finished. How many of you have lost weight with a diet only to put it all back on (and then some)?

Danger 2 – They make you feel like c**p

I want to enjoy my life and to do that it helps if I feel great. Many of these products demand that you deplete yourself with the promise of feeling great later. Depletion comes in the form of either water, carbohydrates, protein and fats - all of which deplete your energy levels.

With low energy levels performance will suffer, you hate everything and everyone and everyone hates you too. You might even start to smell.

Danger 3 – Unknown sources

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that where there is a quick buck to be made and there is a long line of people waiting to cash in. Some of the products that are available over through the internet are unregulated and are either completely useless or worse, dangerous.

I think people like the idea of some small organic farm lovingly producing these exclusive products and carefully dropping them off personally at your door. In truth they are usually produced in factories by big business with only their bottom line and not your waistline as their priority.

On a side note I would just like to express my disdain for businesses out there that despite clearly not agreeing with detox products or methods as they just promote healthy eating still, despite this knowledge use phrases like detox on their websites to promote their products. I know a couple "detox experts" who do nothing of the kind. They just tell you how to eat properly.

Danger 4 – High fructose content

Many of these programs are juice-based. You eliminate food and instead drink copious amounts of blended fruits and vegetables. Two things can happen when you do this. 1. You eliminate the fibre content of the fruits and vegetables thus stripping the food of the majority of it’s benefits. 2. You consume way too much fructose in one sitting. Without the added bulk of the fibre you can consume 3-5 times as much fruit as you if you just ate it.

Please read this excerpt below from Authority Nutrition as they include the links to the science.

The Harmful Effects of Excess Fructose

Eating a lot of fructose in the form of added sugars may:

Make your liver synthesize fats, which are exported as VLDL cholesterol, which leads to dyslipidemia (blood tryglicerides and cholesterol), fat around the organs and ultimately, heart disease (1, 2).

Increase blood levels of uric acid, leading to gout and elevated blood pressure (3, 4).

Cause deposition of fat in the liver, potentially leading to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (5, 6).

Cause insulin resistance, which ultimately leads to obesity and type II diabetes (7, 8).

Insulin resistance leads to elevated insulin and insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) in the entire body, which may ultimately cause cancer (9, 10).

Fructose doesn’t affect satiety in the same way as glucose, making you eat more total calories automatically if your fructose intake is high (11).

Excess fructose consumption may cause leptin resistance, throwing body fat regulation out of whack and contributing to obesity (12, 13).
Sugar may be downright addictive (14).

Danger 5 – Unqualified nutritionists

There are so many ways people can become nutritionists now. But the truth is just because someone does a nutrition course doesn’t mean they are a nutritionist. Many of the courses out there are dated and the qualification unrecognized by the major governing bodies. Just because someone has a lot of followers on facebook and has appeared on tv doesn’t make them an expert. So many times I have watched tv and heard someone waffle on giving incorrect information while I’m sitting exploding inside as I know they are wrong.


Check out this article about a woman left brain damaged by detox. If by now after reading through this post you haven't already decided against trying one of these ridiculous diets then, I'm sure this will make you think twice:



Don’t waste your time, money, emotional wellbeing and health on a detox diet. Instead, learn about proper nutrition and exercise and practice it in your everyday life. Stop dieting and start eating properly.