A light-hearted look at unprofessional personal trainers who ruin it for the rest of us.

As I have already said before, I am not the best trainer in the world. But I am a good one.

I like to think I’m good because I am knowledgeable and professional. The word we will focus on here is professional. Even a trainer with a very basic knowledge base can provide good personal training sessions while they improve their knowledge as they develop.

If there’s one thing that really annoys me, it is un-professional trainers taking money from clients and taking it away from more deserving trainers who actually care.

What follows is a light-hearted look at some of the kinds of trainers I see on a regular basis. And I do mean regularly. As I have stated openly in the past, I fully believe that around 90% of the trainers out there are poor to bad.

PT Pervert

There are guys in this industry (I’m sure there are women too but there must be less as I haven’t found any) who use their jobs as a tool for seduction.

Many a time I have witnessed the trainer who deliberately chooses exercises that puts the client in vulnerable positions just so they can watch. Another common misdemeanour is   making the post workout stretch a little bit more intimate than it needs to be.

Beware the trainer who only stretches women. I worked with a guy who never touched a male client in 2 years but he was all over the ladies.


PT steroid taker but shush....I don’t tell anyone, not even myself

Already covered this one on another post but to summarize. I don’t think it’s acceptable to to use PEDS without disclosing this fact to the client. If you gain a client due to the way you look they it should be explained to them that it’s highly likely that you won’t look like this unless you take drugs. Failure to disclose this makes you a hypocrite.


PT I don’t care if it’s dangerous or stupid as long as it makes me look good

There are many ego-centric trainers out there. After-all , many arrived at their current position due to their negative self-image or because of their sheer vanity. Often, you the client are just a tool to help feed the trainers vanity.

Standing on a exercise ball is stupid for so many reasons. 1. It’s extremely dangerous ( I have witnessed a double fracture of the radius and ulna due to such nonsense) and 2. The reward simply isn’t worth the risk. Standing on a bosu can easily replace a ball for balance exercises. Loading up a client with a heavy barbell is just irresponsible.

PT meal eater

One of my favourites. Watching a trainer shout out commands in-between mouthfuls of chicken and broccoli with rice flying through the air. What a pro you are. Trainers who do this belong in a zoo with the rest of the animals.



PT coffee

I’ve seen trainers a plenty sprawling over plyo boxes with a cup and saucer holding the dainty handle as they sip on their joe laughing and joking. The gym isn’t Starbucks and you aren’t on a break. You are being paid to deliver excellence. If you need a pick-up then have an espresso. Even if your client understands and doesn’t care then think of prospective clients visiting the facility. What will their first impression be?

PT social…….media

Another gripe I have is with the trainers who think it’s acceptable to use their phones while their client is training. I obviously don’t mean you shouldn’t look at your phone during a quick rest but to check your emails and post on social media is a joke.

I have been watching a guy recently who sits down and looks at his phone whilst his client trains for an estimated 70-80% of the session. He only seems to look up so he can traverse the gym on route to the next resting place. The client asks how many more and he grunts something and she carries on till she gets tired. What a champion he is.

If I wasn’t a professional I would ask why she would pay money for that s**t.

PT no plan

Either I am missing something or my brain doesn’t work properly. I don’t seem to remember all my client’s achievements. You would think I could remember what their 1 rep max on the back squat was 2 years ago but I can’t do it so I have to record the results of their workouts in a journal.

I also like to plan what they are doing way in advance (anywhere up to 6 months depending on their goals).

The trainers who don’t record or plan anything on paper must be geniuses with steel trap brains.

PT bulls**t

There are countless bulls**ters in this industry. Unfortunately due to the competitive nature of the business “trainers” who can market themselves well often survive. It’s a case of “he who counts loudest, counts longest.”

If you are a personal trainer and any of these points apply to you then it's time to seriously consider how you do business if you care about your clients or yourself. If they do apply to you but you simply don't care then good luck - to you and your clients.

For further advice on seeking a professional personal trainer, check out the link below to one of my previous posts.