Activity Questionnaire

It's a fact that activity is built into our genetic makeup. Nowadays we find every opportunity to avoid extra movement. We park as close to entrances as we can get. We take escalators instead of stairs. We sit for prolonged periods at work but the idea of adding some extra movement at the end of a long days sitting horrifies most of us.

Take the test below to and give yourself an activity rating.

1. I walk (15 mins plus) or cycle (10 mins) to work - 2 pts

2. I sit for few than 5 hours a day - 2 pts

3. I spend most of my work day on my feet or use a standing desk - 2 pts

4. I don't have any injuries or health conditions that restrict my ability be be active - 1 pt

5. I get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise/activity every day - 2 pts

6. I do resistance based exercises i.e. weight training or body weight exercises once every 7 days - 1 pt

7. I do flexibility/balance exercises i.e. yoga, stretching once every 7 days - 1 pt

8. I usually complete around 8000 steps per day (4 miles) - 3 pts

9. I spend less that 3 hours on social media (unless job related) or watching tv per day - 1 pt

10. I enjoy being physically active - 1 pt


6 points plus - Rating= Your activity levels are great. Concentrate on improving performance and producing quality work in the gym. A good workout program here is essential as exercise done incorrectly will slowly wear you down.

3-5 points - Rating= You need to introduce some more movement into your day. This isn't easy for everyone as your commitments might interfere. you might need to be creative i.e. taking the stairs instead of the escalator or parking further away from the office.

0-2 points - Rating= You are going to have to fundamentally change your lifestyle to become more active. Start slowly and don't make excuses. Nobody will fool you better than yourself. Remember, 30 minutes is only 4% of your day so its relatively easy to start with a quick walk around the block and go from there.



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