health reset

Thank you again for taking part in our first Foundations' Health Reset.

We want to expand this program and offer it as a more in-depth package so any help and feedback, positive or negative, will be appreciated.

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I completed the full 2 week program *
Materials *
The materials provided gave me a clear picture of what the health reset entailed
The materials looked professional
There was too much information to go through
There was not enough information to go through
The recipes were too complicated
The ingredients were too hard to acquire
The method *
The method
I noticed a difference in how I felt
I noticed a difference in how I looked
I feel better after completing the 2 weeks
I feel more energized
I don't feel as hungry as I did before the challenge
My sense of taste has changed
My sleep has improved
I lost weight during the 2 weeks
I gained weight during the 2 weeks
I feel that the 2 weeks was too long
I don't feel the 2 weeks was long enough
I learned enough in the materials to make educated decisions about my food choices during the challenge
Which menu option did you choose? *
The furture *
The furture
I feel more in control of my diet
The food choices I make in future will be effected by the Health Reset
I am likely to recommend this to a friend
I would like to continue eating an "ancestral" style diet from now on
Overall how would you rate the Health Reset program? *