What is the Health Reset?

The Foundation Health Reset is our health and lifestyle program designed to introduce some potentially life changing ideas and practices that could potentially roll back the clock and add years to your life.

The simple truth is that none of us are getting younger and much of the information about health, diet and fitness is contradictory. We wanted to address this confusion and introduce some simple concepts that we feel offer the best solution for the majority of people. We do this through our three-step re-educate, re-focus and re-vitalize system.

During the course of the Health Reset you will be given advice on nutrition and a comprehensive eating plan to follow with surprisingly good food! We will also provide you with educational materials, resources and even optional gym workouts with full video techniques.

Who is the Health Reset for?

The Health Reset if for all levels and abilities and there will be something to learn for everyone. When creating the program we wanted to make something that was both simple, easy to follow and achievable with realistic steps.

The aim of the Health reset is as follows.

  • Burn excess fat and become "fat adapted" or a as industry insiders call it a "fat burning machine"
  • Improve energy and lose the post meal tiredness
  • Eliminate the hunger/re-feeding cycle caused by insulin spikes
  • Reduce inflammation and let the body start to heal itself
  • Take the strain off your digestive system
  • Learn how to eat the kind of foods we evolved to eat
  • Take simple and small steps towards being more active
  • Be able to identify good vs bad foods and decipher the tricks companies will use to fool you

By completion of the 4 week program you will be in a great place to move forward and suit your diet to your lifestyle and health goals.

When you sign up for the Health Reset you will receive full guidance from our comprehensive pack featuring.....

Health Reset - The history of human nutrition - MOBILE SIZE-45.png

History of Human Diet

A 50 page plus insight into the history of our diet through time and how the food we eat can even effect our genes.


meal planning

Simple easy to follow recipes featuring the foods that are going to make you feel great again.


Complete with daily rituals and challenges to help you fully integrate healthy eating into your life.

workouts pages.png


Complete with simple easy to follow workouts featuring full video support.

All the documents contained in the pack are digital and you can download them directly to your digital device however you will need a printer if you want to print off the 30 day worksheet.

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