Ultimate Mass 4 Week Program

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Ultimate Mass 4 Week Program


If your goal is to incorporate some mass building work into your training program then consider Ultimate Mass.

  • 18 workouts over 4 weeks

  • Full video support from our online video library

  • Calorie intake guidance for maximum resutls

Over 4 weeks and 18 workouts; use supersets, drop sets and shock techniques to forge new mass.

For maximal hormonal response we keep it simple by using primarily barbells and dumbbells with big lifts for maximum payoff!

Note: This program requires the use of barbells, dumbbells, cable pulley machines, fixed resistance machines etc. We do however provide a list of alternatives should you be missing some kit.

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Over 4 weeks you will complete a total of 18 workouts. We recommend following a 2 days on 1 day training split for this routine.

As muscles groups should only take 72 hours to recover from a moderate load/intensity workout, in theory you can train a body-part every 3 days.

This can be challenging to plan, that’s why we have created the Ultimate Mass program. It’s a simple but effective way of packing on some muscle and focuses on basic techniques and training methods.

Over the first 9 workouts you will train each body-part at least twice, three times in most cases and in superset format.  This mean we get a lot of volume in a short space of time.

The second stage of the program is to add some shock training by adding drop-sets before finishing off with some traditional sets and reps.

We like to think of this program as the cousin of our Accelerate Mass program which is more detailed and designed to be do indefinitely. 

Training like this can be very demanding on the body and unlike Accelerated Mass it doesn’t include build it unloading phases so we recommend taking a few days off after completion of this program before starting a new routine.