train with us for only a fraction of the price of full pt

One of the main aims of The Foundation is to help as many people as possible. For years we have only been able to help the people who have direct access to us and as there are only so many hours in the day there are a limited number of people we can help. But no more. Finally, after receiving so many messages about our training methods we decided to put together the ultimate online personal training package. And as an added bonus we have two different options for you to choose from.

membership options


personalized distance plans

Our bespoke monthly training plans are as close as you can get to being trained by us in person. Our detailed consultation process will help us identify specific areas of focus and allow us to tailor a workout plan based on your training history.

Team foundation monthly workouts

Every month you will receive our "team" Functional Strength workout plan. This consists of a full months workout on a 4 day split basis. The workouts are sent out via email on the first day of each month.

our training system

Our training system has been fine-tuned over many years of research and practical experience and the beauty of it is it's simplicity. We have eliminated inefficient exercises and focus instead on exercises that have more "bang for your buck." This approach allows us to use exercises that are extremely effective at building stronger, fitter, healthier bodies.

To achieve an athletic functional body we only focus on three areas. These ares are…….

BUILD IT - Fitness, functional muscle and core strength. The “build it” phase is always about the acquisition of the basics. This provides a solid foundation from which all other stages flow.

STRENGTHEN IT – Using functional strength and conditioning exercises to strengthen the whole body and improve fitness.

USE IT – Incorporating the above into high intensity training to improve cardiovascular fitness whilst helping to reduce excess bodyfat. The ability to use the body and perform is a key element in The Foundations philosophy. There is no use having the keys to a sports car if you aren’t allowed to drive it. As efforts are made to increase strength, strength endurance, cardiovascular fitness etc, methods are employed that test progress and measures performance.



Whether you have tried every workout system out there and you are looking for a different way or are new to exercise; our system will provide everything you need.

Maybe you have found us because you have come to the conclusion that so many of the methods you have tried have been ineffective or lacked quality and aftercare.

You could be completely new to exercise and need strong guidance from professionals you can trust.

Alternatively you could be a seasoned pro looking for a new challenge and some new ideas to add extra dimensions to your training.




With over 20 years of combined experience The Foundation has successfully guided more clients than we can keep track of.

Our training system has been fine tuned and is second to none.


Time and money are both precious commodities.

Our system is available to you for less than the cost of some trainers' 1 hour PT sessions!

We get you where you want to be faster!


time icon.png


We will provide you with everything you need to succeed and you can work through it to your own timetable. You don't have to fit in with our schedule.

This means less stress.


The support of a personal trainer is important for long-term success.

We place a priority on supporting all our members and we are available via direct communication and via social media.


When you become a foundation client you become a foundation athlete.  We give you the best of us so we can get the best of you.

“We give you the best of us so we can get the best of you.”
— Matt Towers. Owner of The Foundation

We have seen so many training systems promise the world and deliver nothing. The sad fact is that the fitness industry is dominated by misconceptions. Drugs cheats selling results you won’t achieve without drugs and booty specialists blasting you with 1000 reps workout challenges that will burn you out and increase the risk of long-term structural damage.

This isn’t us.  If this is what you want then you are in the wrong place. We don’t sell quick fixes or unrealistic challenges. We truly believe that you get out what you put in. What you will put in is everything we have learned over the years and delivered to you.


Our Bespoke program clients have the benefit of being able to communicate with us "face to face."

Our Bespoke program clients have the benefit of being able to communicate with us "face to face."

Unlike many other online personal training companies we have a limit to the amount of clients we accept for our bespoke plans.

We don’t feel that quality can be maintained if the numbers are too high. Anyone who has taken part in a large circuit training class knows all too well that you will be lucky to get a “keep your back straight” from a busy trainer in a large class.

We personally design all our bespoke plans and don’t use cookie cutter plans. While our system is based around a small group of essential exercises the variations we use will very much depend on the abilities or goals of the client. Furthermore, our bespoke athletes have the opportunity to have their technique checked via live or pre-recorded video.


Memberships with The Foundation are available at a fraction of the cost of regular personal training sessions. In many cases some personal trainers charge in excess of £100 per hour for an off-the-cuff workout routine that doesn’t belong to any kind of long-term plan. With The Foundation you will receive the following just for signing up.

  • Custom designed 4 week training plan(Bespoke plans only)

  • The Foundations’ Guide to nutrition

  • The Foundations guide to flexible dieting

  • The Foundations’ guide to supplements

  • Personalized macronutrient calculation

  • Diet plans and guidance

  • Emergency bodyweight workout plan

As far as using apps are concerned some are great but so is a fast-food burger. Very convenient but not as good as a gourmet burger that the chef has personally sourced the ingredients for and cooked specially for you..

But remember, we don’t want or need non-committed individuals looking for quick fixes. We want clients who are willing to work towards the long game. Who are willing to work hard, make changes to their lifestyle habits, follow our advice and help pass on the knowledge they learn to others. If this is you then what are you waiting for?

become a foundation Member

What could be better than receiving a new workout plan for the month provided by trainers who you can trust, have your best interests at heart and who provide science/evidence based workouts.

Results are based on progression. Your body needs fresh stimulus every few weeks to maintain progress. Science tells us that due to the law of adaptation, organisms will at first respond to new stimuli, plateau and eventual regress. How many people have you seen in your gym doing the same thing every day and getting nowhere?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”
— Henry Ford


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