personal training

Our mission is to provide you, the client, with everything you will ever need to have a long-lasting relationship with physical exercise.

The Foundations training system has been fined-tuned over years of experimentation and study. Our system takes into account your goals and abilities and works them into our results based training routines.

At the Foundation we don’t blast our clients with senseless workouts pulled from the pages of muscle and fitness. Workouts that are more about giving you the illusion of fitness rather than the moving you intelligently towards the healthy, fit and strong body you deserve.

While our approach might be a little different to some other training methods we guarantee this. You will be fitter, stronger, look the best you have ever looked and understand why through our excellent coaching and results based training.

semi-private personal training

Semi-private is a great way to experience personal training and there are many benefits outside of the obvious financial savings.

Semi-private means personal training in a small group environment. The groups are generally no more than four people. It isn't a circuit class or boot camp. Boot camps are fun but in reality they are organized chaos with the focus on mental toughness rather than results and individual goals.


You have the option of training in private with a group of friends or with other like-minded individuals with similar goals,

You have your own personalized training training routine which you work on at your own pace whilst under supervision from our trainers. At some stages the workouts will match up with the other clients which adds to the "team" feel. Warm ups and cooldowns are done at the same time but with focus on your own specific needs determined after our initial assessment

strength and conditioning

If you are a part/full-time athlete or regular Joe or Jane who wants to unleash their inner=athlete then we have the skill and experience to take you to the next level.

The Foundation has had the privilege of training athletes from multiple disciplines ranging from powerlifting, professional football to boxing and MMA.

The Foundations' strength and conditioning program is second to non and employable to individuals and on a team basis.

Can't train with us in person?

We have that covered too. Please click below to visit our designated online personal training information page.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask

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