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This 6 week program was designed to test all aspects of fitness. If you want to burn fat, build muscle and improve your strength and fitness then you won’t be disappointed.

As our training model revolves around functional training you can also be sure that these workouts are designed to improve you over time not just burn you out for the sake of making it a challenge.

Summer Shred incorporates many of the tougher elements of our monthly online functional training program and as a result is a real test of not only your physical fitness but also your mental toughness.

 Over the next 6 weeks you will complete 3 stages of training

 Week 1 – 4  - Weekly you will undertake 3 similar functional Hypertrophy workouts with changes in rep ranges as the weeks progress. 1 recovery cardio session and 1 HIIT workout 

 Week 5 - Strength work supersetted with HIIT and a recovery session

 Week 6 – A tough week to finish with timed high intensity circuits.

 By completion of the 6 weeks, if you finish it, you will be fitter, stronger and physically and mentally tougher.

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